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House of Joy Publishing is the parent company for several media companies: PDQ AudioBooks publishes classic and current audio books in all genres; Believers AudioBooks publishes audio books for believers of all faiths; House of Joy Music publishes music for the musicals and compositions it produces as well as music instruction books for teachers and students; PDQ AudioWorks publishes classic Old Time Radio Shows, PDQ Digital Press publishes eBooks for Kindle, iBook, and Nook; House of Joy Media produces a variety of shows for digital distribution on Roku, Google Chrome, and Twitter.

PDQ FilmWorks releases classic movies; and Silvercast Films releases newly produced features and documentaries. PDQ TELEVISION produces and distributes episodic television shows to the web as well as ROKU and GOOGLE CHROMECAST devices.


PDQ AudioBooks, PDQ AudioWorks, and Believers AudioBooks are distributed worldwide exclusively by Audible.com and their retail partners Amazon.com and iTunes.


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Ken Joy's entrepreneurial career encompasses a varied background of business and artistic disciplines. Whether serving as president of MicroNet, the national software distribution company he founded; writing feature business articles for the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Venture Magazine, and AdWeek;  covering consumer electronics as a featured columnist for the music industry's Billboard Magazine, among others; or composing the music and writing the book and lyrics for two musicals produced in Los Angeles to benefit orphanages in Romania, Ken Joy has enjoyed the opportunity to focus his business and artistic interests on a wide variety of projects.


He began both his entertainment and business career when accepting a position as a copywriter in the advertising department for Pacific International Enterprises,(PIE) the motion picture distribution/production company responsible for such family film fare as “The Adventures of the Wilderness Family,” and “Swiss Family Robinson.” Joy eventually became the National Advertising Manager for PIE, while also taking advantage of opportunities to gain experience on the production side of the film business.  From there he moved behind the camera as assistant director on several installments of the PBS series “P.O.V.”


At the completion of the PBS series, Joy accepted the opportunity to become a partner in a start-up venture at the onset of the introduction of the personal computer.  Providing electronic correspondence services to the business community, Joy grew the company to the largest independent service bureau of its type in California, eventually being named to “Who's Who in Computers.”  Envisioning a continued explosion of the personal computer, Joy sold his interest in the computer services business and founded MicroNet, a national software distribution company serving computer stores in the United States.


While building MicroNet, Joy returned to his writing roots by penning business and consumer articles covering the computer industry for such magazines such as PC World, AdWeek, and The Wall Street Journal, and became the expert in residence for consumer electronics coverage at Billboard Magazine, where his weekly column highlighted trends in business and consumer electronics.


From MicroNet, after the downturn in the computer industry in the '80s, Joy turned his attention full-time to business writing and consulting, as well as pursuing his interests as a composer and playwright. He was asked to write a musical to benefit efforts to raise money for Romanian Orphanages, which led to him composing the music, and writing the book and lyrics for two musicals, produced in Los Angeles, each featuring a cast of more than 100, supported by a 25-piece orchestra.


Continuing his interest in both film and literature, Joy added “director” to his credits when he produced and directed the documentary “Disaster by the Bay: The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906” for Silvercast Films, which Amazon.com calls “an incredible contribution to the documentation of American history.” Simultaneously, Joy edited and annotated a new collection of the complete Christmas works of Charles Dickens, which continues to stay in the top 100 of Amazon.com's most popular titles. Expanding on his love of classic literature, Joy has produced, edited, and composed original musical scores for 25 audio books for PDQ AudioBooks, including the complete works of Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens, and Louisa May Alcott.


Joy continues to keep his copywriting skills honed, having recently written radio spots for Betty White and Florence Henderson.













With the founding of PDQ Television in 2010, as a division of House of Joy Publishing, Joy has come full circle in bringing together his interest and experience in the literary, computer, and film worlds by taking the helm as writer/director/producer of two television shows that share the distinction of being the first episodic television shows to be streamed directly to Twitter users. The shows, "Gear for Filmmakers" and "The After Effects Show" are the first of shows that Joy is developing for PDQ Television, both of which make their Twitter distribution debut in October 2014, and which will also begin streaming to more than 50 million viewers on ROKU, Google Chromecast, and Smart TVs world-wide beginning December 2014.


Betty White and Ken Joy taking a break at a Hollywood recording studio while recording radio spots.

Florence Henderson and Ken Joy between takes at a Hollywood Recording Studio


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